Case Study: BioNTech, COVID-19, and DXPR Builder

Posted on Dec 20, 2020

With COVID 19 turning the world upside down it's more important than ever to be able to communicate fast and effectively. BionNTech, the company that created one of the top COVID vaccines in collaboration with Pfizer was able to launch a new COVID Vaccine landing page on-time because they were using our fast and easy visual layout builder for Drupal.


Evaluate our Drupal layout builder now with our new and improved demo site!

Posted on Nov 27, 2020

We just launched a new free demo on that lets you test drive the DXPR Drupal experience. Thanks to our 60+ new demo pages you will be guided to explore the many exciting elements and features that are offered in our DXPR Builder and DXPR Builder Enterprise modules for Drupal 9.

The new demo takes it to the next level: our demo site is based on Acquia Lightning and shows you the extent of Drupal integration of our front-end layout building application. Learn how our state-of-the-art


Updates for DXPR Theme, DXPR Layout Builder, and Lightning DXPR

Posted on Aug 6, 2020

Today we're presenting the first minor updates across the new DXPR (Formerly Sooperthemes/Glazed) branded products. 

What's New?

DXPR Theme


Lessons from COVID-19: Learn to Update Your Drupal Website Fast Without IT Support

Posted on Jul 29, 2020

Corona virus warning

The new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is more than a health crisis. As the infectious disease spreads across the world, it is leading to horrendous social, economic, and political crises that may last for the foreseeable future.

As lockdowns, physical distancing restrictions, and other measures were implemented to curb the spread of the dangerous virus, it led to an unprecedented shift in how things are done.


The world’s most-loved premium Drupal theme, now 100% Free. RC1 released for our commercial DXPR Layout Builder!

Posted on Jun 10, 2020

Today Sooperthemes announces we have open-sourced our best-selling premium theme, formerly known as Glazed Theme. As part of our total rebranding, it is released as DXPR Theme.


At the same time, we are excited to announce that our layout builder module has a release candidate available for testing. Across our product line, we are publishing “1.0.0-RC1” release candidates.


Why are we releasing our 2nd most important product