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Design your site with 200+ theme settings

The Drupal you Love With an Easy, Modern Theme

Save time building a beautiful Drupal site

No Code Designing

Customize every aspect of your site without touching code, unless you want to

One Theme, Many Settings

The DXPR theme is clean, modern, and flexible. Easily set it to fit your desired style.

Supported and Updated

We’ve been around for 11 years and we continue to support and update the DXPR theme.

Launch, Relaunch, or
Update Your Site

Learn how DXPR Theme saves time and hassle at any experience level.


Save dozens of hours on website customization with settings for headers, sidebars, page layouts, font style, menu navigation, block design, and more. For advanced users, you can add custom CSS and JS without having to upload files.


While our Builder is designed for use by non-technical marketers, any theme does require a bit more technical prowess. However, the DXPR Theme is still the fastest way to setup a beautiful Drupal site, and some marketers are able to do this all on their own.

Your Command Center, the DXPR Settings Dashboard

With 200+ customizations, the DXPR Settings Dashboard puts the power of Drupal in your hands, with absolutely no need to code. Change colors, fonts, headers, padding, menus, footers, sidebars, and so much more.

Integrates Seamlessly With DXPR Builder, the Tool Marketers Love

DXPR Builder is intuitive, easy to use, and quick to build with. Even marketers with no Drupal experience and no web design experience can create what they envision right on the page.

Flexible and Responsive Layout

The DXPR Theme lets you build websites that respond to different device types and sizes. With flexible widths, every element is optimized to look great on desktop or mobile.

Sub Themes with Demo Content

Want to change something? Just click to edit background colors, background images, headline text, fonts, icons, images, and more. There’s never any guesswork on how to change something.

Not Technical? No problem.

Everything marketers need to build with Drupal

Super Fast Frontend Performance

Easy Color Scheme Updates

Headers and Header Styles

Applies to Global Styles, Pages, and Blocks

SEO Ready Out of The Box

Built on Drupal’s Most Used Framework, Bootstrap

Instantly Customizable Typographic Scale

Integrates with Google Fonts (+2,800)

Actively Maintained and Updated


We’re Drupal Fanatics Too!

We support through code contributions. So far, we’ve got 1000 commits and 50 Drupal modules and projects under our belt. We love the power of Drupal.

The Bootstrap Framework

The DXPR Theme was built to work with Drupal’s most popular framework and modules. The theme will help you make your entire website look professional, modern, and on-brand. If you want to design individual pages and posts from your CMS, our DXPR Builder can help you (as the developer) do it fast, and it can empower your team or your clients to easily build new pages themselves.

No Code and Custom Code

While many DXPR Theme users are able to design their sites with our 200+ settings and not have to touch a line of code, we do make it easy for you to use custom CSS or JS if you wish.

The Premium Drupal Theme That you, Your Clients, and Your Team Members Will Love

Saving time is always a good thing. With the DXPR Theme, you’ll build a beautiful Drupal site faster. The DXPR Settings Dashboard gives you every tweak and customization you need to create a website that supersedes company expectations. Our free theme has been installed on over 2000 sites, and you’re going to love it too.

Match any Creative Design

Build any Site Faster

The #1 Free Drupal Theme

Customize your Drupal Site with the World’s Most Loved Premium Drupal Theme