Glazed 2.5.0 – Massive Release, Powerful New Design Tools

Posted on Jul 15, 2016

New Typography Controls, New Layout Capabilities, Drupal Block Design, and much more!

Today after about a month of coffee-infused delays I'm happy to announce Glazed 2.5.0. and Glazed Builder 1.0.11. Our framework theme has just become massively more powerful, with design tools that help you create any design imagineable without the hassle of writing and testing code. While on the surface our Glazed Builder module received a smaller update, it had a massive architectural update under the hood.

The free version of glazed on will soon get a 2.5.0 release as well with reduced but still awesome features!


  • New Typography Design Settings
  • Improved Google Fonts Rendering
  • New Block Design Theme
  • ...

Beta: Revolutionary (Free) Drupal Installation Tool. Sooperthemes Rebranding. Glazed & Carbide .10 Releases

Posted on May 23, 2016

Introducing Zero-Touch Drupal Product Provisioning

2 years ago I started working on a Drupal CMS distribution that makes it less painful to launch a fully configured Drupal website. Today we're proudly launching what I think is the best CMS installation experience you've ever seen. Pantheon and Acquia cloud might be great tools for people like me who work with Drupal on a daily basis but there is a huge community of people who need something more simple. Our goal was for users to install a fully configured and themed Drupal website, with fully configured CMS components and demo content without requiring any user interaction. In less than 5 minutes.


Glazed 2.4.9 & Carbide 1.0.9: Dotting the i's

Posted on May 12, 2016 updates

Firstly, the client dashboard got it's first major updates. Expect more in the near future. What changed:

  • Added several tabs with Dashboard downloads and documentation
  • Made standalone Glazed theme and Glazed Builder downloads easier to find
  • Added separate downloads for all the subthemes
  • Add documentation tab
  • Updated the support forum with some community features

This is just an appetizer for a lot of improvements to!

Glazed 2.4.9


Last month's upgrade was a big one. Today's update...

Glazed Drupal CMS 1.0 and Glazed Premium 2.4.8 Arrived: Cool New Features and Better Views Integration

Posted on May 2, 2016

Glazed Drupal CMS 1.0

After over 100 git commits over 4 weeks, including weekends and late nights I can present to you Glazed 2.4.8. This release includes not only an update to the premium Drupal theme and the drag and drop builder: the Glazed Drupal CMS distribution on finally reached the 1.0 milestone! The backend distribution started as an experiment 2 years ago. I tried to find the perfect bundle of features to jump-start development of Drupal CMS websites.After nearly 100 beta releases I finally settled on the formula for features and flexibility that is now in the Glazed Drupal CMS 1.0 release. To make the distribution truly useful, it of course had to have a beautiful theme, and the distro now includes a free slimmed down version of our best-selling Glazed framework theme:...

Product Updates: Glazed 2.4.5 and Glazed Builder 1.0.6

Posted on Mar 29, 2016

Glazed Builder 1.0.6 is now available for download, along with Glazed theme 2.4.5. Both contain some bugfixes as well as visual improvements and enhancements in mobile responsive design. While in the first quarter of 2015 we have been adding tons of features and elements to Glazed and the builder, we are now winding down development of new features and ramping up important activities around the new product architecture.

More Support, More Communication

The developments to make the Glazed 2.4 product line a reality took so much effort that there wasn't much time for basic services like fast customer support, documentation and marketing. All of that is changing now. With all the features on the Glazed 2.4 roadmap completed, it's time to focus on excellence in service. In the past few months I could not manage to write interesting blog posts, extend reach of...

Designing Responsive Bootstrap 3 MultiLevel Mega Menus

Posted on Feb 25, 2016

The latest new feature on our premium Glazed theme is a MultiLevel menu solution that creates smart megamenus based on simple nested lists. This means you can create a menu structure in your Drupal main-menu and the theme will generate the best layout based on your structure. No extra modules required.100% mobile friendly.

This feature marks version 2.4.4 of Glazed theme and it's the most exciting release to date. With 2.4.4 a lot of ideas for Glazed 2.4 have come to fruition, including moving the drag and drop builder out of the theme and releasing it as a standalone premium Drupal module. Now would be a great time for you to join our premium Drupal themes club or upgrade to our Unlimited...

SNEAK PREVIEW: Glazed 2.4 and Glazed Builder 1.0 – Biggest Sooperthemes Update Ever

Posted on Jan 5, 2016

Later this week I will write a full blog post, with an overview of new features, new options and entirely new capabilities in the Sooperthemes product line. For now: just a sneak preview. During the last 2 month fo 2015 we made a huge effort to produce the biggest update ever for our premium Drupal themes. As with any big software adventure, we had a quick and productive start, then some setbacks on difficult components, and then some setbacks on small details that turned out to be –not so small–

Over the coming 2 weeks we will publish more content, covering the new capabilities in detail and with illustration. For now just a sneak preview and a list of changes that I will scrape from the commit log. Happy 2016 from sooperthemes!

Our free open source variant also got a huge upgrade and a new...