As of April 15th 2021 all Glazed products will be marked unsupported. If you currently have Glazed products installed on your website, your site might be at risk.

How to Migrate from Glazed Theme to DXPR Theme

  1. Download the new Open-sourced DXPR Theme + Helper Module from or install with Composer.
  2. Enable DXPR Theme
  3. Enable Configuration Manager Module:
    1. go to Extend
    2. Search for Configuration Manager
    3. Scroll down and select install
  4. Export Your current Theme settings:
    1. Go to Configuration > Development > Configuration Synchronization
    2. Select Export
    3. Select "Single Item"
    4. Under "Configuration name", select "color.theme.glazed"
    5. Copy all Settings
    6. Open the import section in a new tab
    7. Select "Simple Configuration"
    8. Create a new name i.e. "color.theme.dxpr_theme"
    9. Click import
    10. Repeat steps from 4.4 to 4.9 with "glazed.settings" and name it "dxpr_theme.settings"
  5. Go to "Theme Settings" and click on "Save Configuration
  6. If you have any custom CSS or custom JS in your theme settings, replace the string glazed with dxpr_theme in your custom code and save the theme settings form again
  7. Go to Structure > Block Layout and make sure you mimic the same block placement you had in DXPR
  8. Disabling Glazed Helper module:
    1. to make sure you don't lose any content types in the process, go into your site's coding, and search for ".info.yml"
    2. Replace all the dependencies on glazed_helper with dxper_theme_helper, then save
    3. Disable Glazed Helper module
  9. Clear Cache.
  10. In case you used Glazed Theme Page Settings to customize fields you will need to:
    1. Go the Nodes' Settings 
    2. Select Click "Edit"
    3. mimic the same custom settings into the DXPR Theme Page settings
    4. Delete the Glazed Page Settings Fields collection.

  1. Download the new Open-sourced DXPR Theme + Helper Module from
  2. Disable the Glazed Helper module.
  3. Enable DXPR Theme Helper module + DXPR Theme
  4. Export Your current Theme settings
    1. Go theme Settings 
    2. Select "Import/Export"
    3. Copy all the customer theme settings.
    4. Click on "Appearance"
    5. Under the DXPR theme click on "settings
    6. Select "Import/Export" then select "Import Theme Settings"
    7. Paste your Theme settings
    8. Scroll down and select "Save Configuration"  
  5. Make DXPR theme your Default Theme:
    1. Go to "Appearance"
    2. Under DXPR Theme select "Set Default"
  6. In case you used DXPR Theme Page Settings to hide to regions you will need to:
    1. Go the Nodes' Settings 
    2. Select Click "Edit"
    3. Hide the desired fields under the DXPR Theme Page settings
  7. Remove Glazed Page Settings fields:
    1. Go to "Structure"
    2. Select "Content types"
    3. Select "Manage Fields" for the desired content type
    4. Click on the "Delete" icon in the row of Glazed Page Settings
  8. Migrate block configuration to DXPR Theme
    1. Select "Structure"
    2. Select "Blocks"
    3. Select the "DXPR Theme" Tab on the top right-hand side
    4. Mimic the same configurations that you have under "Glazed" to "DXPR Theme"
  9. Disable Glazed Theme and remove it from your site when you are done.

Need assistance with your migration?

For small projects, it's easy to do the migration and verify the integrity of your content.

With larger projects, the interaction between modules and configurations can complicate the migration.

The DXPR team is available to consult for or execute your migration from Glazed to DXPR products.