When installing a new theme on an existing Drupal 10 website, it's important to consider the size of your site and the amount of content you have before deciding whether to add a new theme and re-organize your content and views layout or start fresh with a new DXPR Marketing CMS demo installation.

To install DXPR Theme on your Drupal 10 site, follow these steps:

  1. Download the latest version of the Bootstrap 5 base theme for Drupal 10 from Drupal.org and put it in your themes folder (e.g., /themes/contrib/bootstrap5).
  2. Download the DXPR Theme, the DXPR Helper module, and the Color module from Drupal.org.
  3. Place the theme in the themes folder and the helper module in the modules folder (e.g., /modules/contrib/dxpr_helper).
  4. In your Drupal site, go to Admin > Appearance and enable the DXPR Theme.
  5. Set DXPR Theme as the default theme and disable your old theme.
  6. Go to Admin > Extend and enable the DXPR Theme Helper module. This module provides DXPR design tools as a field collection to customize individual page theming and provides a full-screen search block.
  7. Go to Admin > DXPR Studio > DXPR Theme > Theme Settings to customize your DXPR Theme.
  8. Go to Admin > Structure > Block Layout and move blocks into the correct regions.