1. Download the DXPR Builder module with the command composer require drupal/dxpr_builder
  2. Click on Extend in the toolbar
  3. Enable the DXPR Builder, DXPR Builder Block Type, and DXPR Builder Drag and Drop Page modules
  4. Click DXPR Studio in the toolbar
  5. Click the DXPR Builder link
  6. Click the General Settings link
  7. Copy the product key from the Getting Started page and paste it into the Product key field


Creating a page with DXPR Builder

  1. Click on Content in the toolbar
  2. Click the Add content button
  3. Click Drag and drop Page
  4. Fill out the page title and click Save


Setting up DXPR Builder with Drupal media library

  1. Download the DXPR Builder Media dependencies with the command composer require drupal/inline_entity_form drupal/entity_browser
  2. Click on Extend in the toolbar
  3. Enable the DXPR Builder Media module to integrate the Drupal media library with DXPR Builder