Two different solutions, one unified digital experience

DXPR Builder and DXPR Theme are two different solutions, with different problems to solve. Whereas DXPR Builder is a solution for content authors to create modern, mobile-friendly landing pages on their Drupal platform, DXPR Theme is a low-code tool to design the look at feel of your entire digital platform:


DXPR Builder

DXPR Theme


Individual content items

Global website branding


Marketing, communication departments

UX department, IT department

Example uses

Landing pages,product pages, event pages, articles, website footer contents, content dashboards

Header and menu design, colors, typography, grid design, default styling for regions, blocks, dividers


Drupal longtext fields (same as regular Drupal content)

Drupal Configuration API

User permissions

Fine-grained control per user role. Respects Drupal native permissions per content type, field, translation, etc.
You control which DXPR Builder elements can be used per user role

Website administrators only

Two separate products, with loose integration

DXPR Builder and DXPR Theme are two distinct solutions. If you use both, there is some integration between these two solutions, but it’s completely fine and actually not uncommon to use just one of these two solutions on your Drupal platform.

Since DXPR Builder is a content editor, and DXPR Theme is a low-code web design tool, we created some integration that lets our content editor be aware of the global look and feel of the website, as designed in DXPR Theme. However, if you have a custom theme, you can achieve the same results. Here is a technical overview of how DXPR Builder is influenced by the branding that is set in your website’s theming layer.

Learn more about DXPR

For more detailed information about DXPR Builder and DXPR Theme, please visit our website:

DXPR Builder Product Page

DXPR Theme Product Page