1. Update the module

  1. Remove dxpr_builder from your code base.
  2. If you're using composer, remove the dxpr/dxpr_builder package with composer remove dxpr/dxpr_builder
  3. Replace it with the latest dxpr_builder version 2.x release from Drupal.org.
  4. If you're using composer you can use composer require drupal/dxpr_builder
  5. Run database updates (update.php or drush updb)
  6. Clear all Drupal caches
  7. If your website uses Google Material icons or Font Awesome 5 Pro icons, or if you're not sure whether it does, continue below. Otherwise, enjoy DXPR Builder 2.x, you're done here!

2. Optional: Fix missing icons

DXPR Builder 2.x is largely backward compatible with 1.x with the notable exception of 2 icons sets that we deprecated:

  • Google Material Icons
  • Font Awesome Pro 5

As DXPR moved to become fully GPL-compatible and publish releases on Drupal.org we had no choice but to drop these icons. This means that if your website uses these icons you have two choices:

  1. Replace the icons with other icons available in DXPR Builder 2.x
  2. Add the missing icon sets back to your website with a custom module or theme

Method 1 has the advantage of standardizing your website on icons that are supported by DXPR Builder 2.x. This means that going forward you can consistently grow your website's digital content with the same icon libraries.


3. Finding and replacing missing icons

  1. Download and install the Search and Replace Scanner module
  2. Configure the scanner module to search your DXPR Builder-enabled fields
  3. Go to /admin/content/scanner
  4. Uncheck the Match whole word option
  5. To find Google Material Design icons search for material-icons mat-
  6. Open the page content listed in the search results as an anonymous user
  7. Where there were Google Material icons you will see text with the name of the icon. When you hover this text you can edit the element and select a replacement icon.
  8. With your logged in session, find the broken icon elements in the pages and edit them to replace the missing icon
  9. To find Font Awesome Pro icons search for the following strings
    1. fal fa
    2. fad fa
    3. far fa
    4. fas fa
  10. Unlike with the Material design icons, you will not need to open pages as an anonymous user because as an editor user you can clearly see missing icons as they are represented by horizontal stripes. 
  11. Now either start by finding and replacing icons manually or take a shortcut as I did in the video by replacing icons from the completely deprecated light and duotone sets with regular or solid icons. To replace them with the regular Font Awesome 5 free icons make the following search and replace queries:
    1. fal fa with far fa
    2. fad fa with far fa
  12. After making the optional replacements in step 11, you still have to check all affected pages manually as not all light and duotone icons have a matching icon in the free regular and solid icon sets.

Need assistance with your migration?


The DXPR team is available to consult for or execute your migration from DXPR Builder 1.x to 2.x.