Follow the steps below to add Drupal Blocks in your website with DXPR Builder:

  1. Click on the + icon.
  2. Go to the Blocks tab.
  3. Select the Block element.
  4. Optionally, display block title by clicking Show title filed.
  5. Once you’ve selected your preferred settings, you can click on Save Changes and you're done!


Adding custom Drupal Blocks with DXPR Builder

(drupal 8)

  1. Go to the Structure tab.
  2. Select the Block layout element.
  3. Click Custom block library.
  4. Now you can create your own Custom Block from existing Block types or create new one.
  5. Optionally, go to Block types, create new block type with different fields.
  6. Click the Add custom block button
  7. Choose a block type.
  8. Add Block description.
  9. Once you’ve added block description, you can click on Save and you're done!
  10. After creating new Block you can select it in Blocks tab with DXPR Builder.