Position content precisely with the Drupal Positioned Layers element!

Follow the steps below to start using the Positioned Layers element in your website:

  1. Click on the + icon   
  2. Click on Positioned Layers  
  3. Set the Width of the layer in pixels or in percentage 
  4. Set the Height of the layer 
  5. Optionally, switch On the Responsive settings. This will make the positioned layers stay in tact when changing the size of the window  
  6. Click on Save Changes 
  7. Click on the + icon by the positioned layers toolbar to add elements 
  8. Once you've selected the elements, you can start editing the layers 
  9. Position each element with the move icon in the toolbar 
  10. Arrows pointing up and down will make the element 100% in height 
  11. Arrows pointing sideways will make the element 100% in width 
  12. To move the element backwards click on the Down Arrow
  13. To move the element forward click on the Up Arrow 
  14. Resize each element in the positioned layers with the resize icon on the right end of the element