Authenticated is a term used in Drupal to refer to users who have logged in to the system. It is the opposite of anonymous, which refers to users who have not logged in. Authenticated users have access to additional features and content that anonymous users do not. For example, authenticated users may be able to post comments, view private content, or access restricted areas of the website.

In order to become an authenticated user, a user must first create an account on the Drupal website. This is done by providing a username, password, and other information such as an email address. Once the account is created, the user can log in to the website using their username and password. Once logged in, the user is considered an authenticated user.

Authenticated users are important to Drupal websites because they provide additional content and features that anonymous users do not have access to. This can help to create a more engaging and interactive experience for users, as well as providing additional security for the website.