Your no-code Drupal content experience just got faster and better with DXPR Builder 2.0.0!

Faster workflow and enhanced layout design capabilities

We enhance the already most effective, efficient, and polished no-code Drupal content experience with live editing! Live editing means that interactions with settings are visible immediately. For example changing 'font size', 'background color', or the date setting for a countdown timer, will update the page live. You no longer have to click "Save changes" to see the result of your creative input.

Intuitive user experience with our new product design

 A fresh makeover ensures an intuitive and fun work environment for content editors and marketers. It's not just a fresh coat of paint. We redesigned all widgets to make sure all the details look right. Sliders, color pickers, date selectors, there are over 20 carefully fine-tuned widgets to create a polished product that inspires trust.

On open source, security, and durability

Whereas DXPR Builder 1.x was only available via our private composer server and website DPXR Builder 2.0.0 is released on Drupal.org!

What does this mean for you?

  • The code that keeps your content working will be available to you regardless of what happens to DXPR
  • DXPR Builder opts into Drupal.org's security advisory policy

Would you really want to use a low-code tool that processes or stores your content in a black box? What happens if you stop doing business with the provider of the low code software? With DXPR Builder you own your content. Moreover, your content is never sent back to our servers: all the rendering happens in your browser and all storage happens on your own infrastructure. 

Transparent and predictable pricing


With DXPR Builder 2.x we have done away with Site Licenses. We have listened to our customers who were sometimes confused about (not) needing to buy separate Site Licenses for production, testing environments, or for very similar microsites, subdomains, etcetera. Rather than covering every detail in cumbersome legal terms we have done away with Site Licenses altogether. 

With the removal of Site Licenses, we introduced a small price increase for User license pricing. You pay per user and that's it.

Due to popular demand, we also introduced a monthly plan. It's no longer required to pay a year in advance. 

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Try DXPR Builder 2.0.0 now!

You can try DXPR Builder for free without pulling out your credit card! Try DXPR Builder at try.dxpr.com!

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