Sneak preview: DXPR + Drupal 10 + Bootstrap 5

On the day Drupal 10 is released DXPR will come out not just with compatible versions of our Drupal page builder and low-code Drupal theme but with an entirely new distribution that will give an out-of-the-box Drupal experience that will impress just about anyone whether they are site builders, developers, or content editors.



  • Drupal 10 support
  • Bootstrap 5 support
  • Acquia Lightning alternative
  • Gin + DXPR =  winning hearts

Bootstrap 5 support

On Wednesday we are not just coming out with full Drupal 10 support but also with both DXPR Builder and DXPR Theme being capable of running on Bootstrap 5!

No need to worry if your site is still on Bootstrap 3, we don't suggest you update your existing site to Bootstrap 3 as the migration between bootstrap versions is painful. We will keep supporting Bootstrap 3 and 4 as well. More details to come!

Launch with DXPR and Drupal 10

Launch your new site with the best Drupal version ever. Drupal 10 is faster and better in significant ways. You can read all about it in our Drupal 10 blog. We started early with making our products compatible with Drupal 10 and today you can already start using DXPR Builder and DXPR Theme on Drupal 10.

Since we had time to spare, on Wednesday we're also launching 2 new Drupal distributions (demo sites) on Drupal 10.

Adopting the Gin ecosystem

Drupal 10 is shipping with the Claro admin theme but DXPR is now adopting Claro's younger brother: Gin. Gin is a design system made by Sacha who is also responsible for the Claro theme. Gin is where the state of the art of Drupal UX is happening and DXPR is committed to using the Gin ecosystem and contributing to its development. 

Our Acquia Lightning alternative: Marketing CMS

DXPR's demo sites used to be based on Acquia Lightning. This Drupal distribution has been great but met the end of its life a year ago. We learned a ton from working with this distribution, and we realized that we don't want to depend on other companies' distributions anymore, so we created Marketing CMS.

Marketing CMS sets up Drupal 9 of 10 with DXPR Builder and DXPR Theme, complete with content types, drag and drop blocks, media library integration, and 3 user profiles to provide simple DXPR Builder UIs to different user roles. We also ship the distro with modern UX solutions like responsive preview and admin toolbar searching (see video above). 


The admin demo is free, no card required!



DXPR Marketing Team