Drupal Block configuration forms supported in DXPR Builder 1.7.0!

Barely a month went by since we released our unique responsive morphing tabs feature and we're coming out with another star feature. DXPR has always supported Drupal Blocks as drag and drop elements. Today we enrich this feature with full support for Block configuration forms. The benefits are many:

  • Support for entity blocks.
  • Fully customize blocks that have configuration forms (Menu blocks, search block, etc.).
  • Easier integration with personalization products from Acquia or Dropsolid by selecting audiences for blocks.
  • And more depending on what blocks are available on your particular website.

Example 1: Add a PDF to your Drupal page with DXPR Builder

Example 2: Add a Tweet to your Drupal page with DXPR Builder

These are just two examples of using block configuration forms in DXPR Builder to enrich your page in a smarter way.

The possibilities are endless and beyond adding media you can use this to build more advanced pages, even dashboards for logged-in users, or content portals that use personalization through block configuration. 

p.s. the above two examples depend on the Drupal Entity Block module being enabled.

The Admin demo is free, no registration required!



DXPR Marketing Team