Personalize your content by adding custom fonts to your Drupal website using locally hosted fonts! 

You can upload custom fonts to your website, by adding locally hosted fonts to your custom subtheme. You can learn how to create a subtheme in DXPR Subtheme documentation

Follow the steps to start using locally hosted fonts: 

  1. Upload your custom font file to FontSquirrel Generator and download the webfontkit
  2. Go to your custom subtheme folder in your directory 
  3. Create a Fonts folder within the subtheme folder
  4. Inside the Fonts folder create a folder with the name of your custom font 
  5. Add the webfontkit files to your custom font folder 
  6. Go to your website and refresh the page
  7. Go to the Font tab in the Themes Settings 
  8. Select your custom font 
  9. Click on Save Configuration and you're done!