How to replace DXPR theme with the New DXPR Theme 

  1. Download the new Open-sourced DXPR Theme + Helper Module from
  2. Enable DXPR Theme
  3. Enable Configuration Manager Module:
    1. go to Extend
    2. Search for Configuration Manager
    3. Scroll down and select install
  4. Export Your current Theme settings:
    1. Go to Configuration > Development > Configuration Synchronization
    2. Select Export
    3. Select "Single Item"
    4. Under "Configuration name", select "color.theme.glazed"
    5. Copy all Settings
    6. Open the import section in a new tab
    7. Select "Simple Configuration"
    8. Create a new name i.e. "color.theme.dxpr_theme"
    9. Click import
    10. Repeat steps from 4.4 to 4.9 with "glazed.settings" and give it a new name i.e. "dxpr_theme.settings"
  5. Go to "Theme Settings" and click on "Save Configuration
  6. Go to Structure > Block Layout and make sure you mimic the same block placement you had in DXPR
  7. Disabling DXPR Helper module:
    1. to make sure you don't lose any content types in the process, go into your site's coding, and search for ".info.yml"
    2. Replace all the dependencies on glazed_helper with dxper_theme_helper, then save
    3. Disable DXPR Helper module
  8. Clear Cache.
  9. In case you used Glazed Theme Page Settings to customize fields you will need to:
    1. Go the Nodes' Settings 
    2. Select Click "Edit"
    3. mimic the same custom settings into the DXPR Theme Page settings
    4. Delete the Glazed Page Settings Fields collection.