Today’s disruptive environment calls for a different mindset and a new approach to digital technology. As DXPR we are part of the open web movement, taking the power of the internet back from tech giants through decentralized digital experience platforms, powered by open source CMS Drupal.

Jurriaan Roelofs, Founder and Director at DXPR


Where Marketers Fall In Love With Drupal

We're here to look out for Drupal's most under-estimated, under-valued audience: Content authors and marketers.

Drupal is famed for its Enterprise grade scalability, internationalization, and worfklow capabilities. But Drupal's front-end lags behind.

The front-end is the interface that content authors see when they create or edit pages.

DXPR is here to fix that in one swift blow.


A company with history

In June 2020 launched to replace, a household brand name that serviced the Drupal community for 10 years. Sooperthemes was mostly about innovation for site builders and developers. is all about our powerful marketing tool: DXPR Builder.

We are here for the content marketers, landing page designers, event marketers, and other authors who want to take advantage of Drupal without compromising on visual page building capabilities.


Our Remote Team

As a company born during the COVID19 crisis, we have learned the importance of functioning without a central office. Our company is now completely remote, with employees based in Europe, North-Africa, and South-East Asia.

We love how our remote team set-up allows us to hire from different parts of the world, different cultures, and to find just the right man or woman for the job, worldwide.

We are a Netherlands based company and are headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


Reclaiming the Open Web

We believe our work is important because we fight for the Open Web. Big corporations like Facebook, Google, and Amazon control an increasingly large portion of public information. Our internet is now less free than it used to be, and it is becoming increasingly hard for small communities and businesses to thrive online.

Without commercial players like DXPR, Drupal will not be viable as a platform. By paying for a subscription at DXPR, you help us improve the decentralized, Open Web. Most importantly: you ensure that your information remains yours to publish on the internet. Uncensored.