Drupal Tech Writer / Content Marketing Specialist, DXPR

Remote — Freelance, Part-time, Or Full-time

A few examples of our clients:

Application Deadline: August 1st 2020

Reimbursement: Market rate, depending on experience

We are looking for experienced Drupal tech writers with a track record of successful content marketing. You're not just a great writer, but also have a solid understanding of B2B marketing and sales, keyword research, and link building. 

Other Requirements

  • You're available for regular strategy meetings (video calls)
  • You speak and write English fluently

DXPR Unique Selling Points

  • Write for a large audience of Drupal techs, designers, and marketers
  • We track and reward exceptional performance of your content
  • Join a new and young team, set to revolutionize the Drupal authoring and marketing experience!