Product Updates: Glazed 2.4.5 and Glazed Builder 1.0.6

Glazed Builder 1.0.6 is now available for download, along with Glazed theme 2.4.5. Both contain some bugfixes as well as visual improvements and enhancements in mobile responsive design. While in the first quarter of 2015 we have been adding tons of features and elements to Glazed and the builder, we are now winding down development of new features and ramping up important activities around the new product architecture.

More Support, More Communication

The developments to make the Glazed 2.4 product line a reality took so much effort that there wasn't much time for basic services like fast customer support, documentation and marketing. All of that is changing now. With all the features on the Glazed 2.4 roadmap completed, it's time to focus on excellence in service. In the past few months I could not manage to write interesting blog posts, extend reach of our newsletter and manage advertising. The fact that our customer-base has been growing exponentially in recent months shows that we have a product that connects to people's lifes and jobs. Most of our new features are not even showing in our current subthemes designs. I'm excited to learn how fast Sooperthemes can grow if we give service, documentation and marketing the attention it needs.


Recently I've been making a humble start, documentating more technical areas of our product:

Right now our highest priority regarding communication is creating installation and customization docs for new users. If you have any ideas for documentation, or specific requests, let us know in the comments!

New Subthemes

A lot of the new features that were developed in Glazed 2.4 and Glazed Builder are added to help build more dynamic Drupal integrations. We will showcase this soon, first by creating Magazine style Drupal themes and later expanding into other niches.

Roadmap for Glazed 2.5.x

The Roadmap for Glazed is going to take shape as we roll out new subthemes and run into new challenges and oppurtunities. We also appreciate it when customers share what they are doing and what they need from the theme and the builder. Here are some points we are currently researching and evaluating:

  • Opening up Glazed Builder for using it like the "page variants" feature in Panels
  • Custom CSS in carbide builder elements
  • Making the CSS Classes element parameter extendable
  • Machine learning optimization of creatives (text, images). Like Optimizely/VWO but better and integrated into your website