How to Migrate from DXPR Builder to DXPR Builder

  1. Download the DXPR module from the "downloads" page.
  2. Copy the DXPR Builder Module file into your drupal installation.
  3. Enable the DXPR Builder Module.
  4. You will need then to Replace the fields for the new module:
    1. Go to "Structure"
    2. Select "Content Types" for the Drag and drop content type.
    3. Go to the "Manage Fields"  and select "DXPR Builder" instead of "Glazed Builder"
    4. Click "Save"
    5. Repeat this step for all other content types including block, pages...etc.
  5. Disable Glazed Builder.
  6. Convert Fields:
    1. Go to "Configuration"
    2. Select "DXPR Builder" under "Content Authoring
    3. Select "Convert Fields For DXPR Builder Upgrade"
    4. Click on "Convert Fields"
  7. Visit the home page and confirm that you now have the new DXPR Builder interface.
  8. Browse through your site and make sure everything is working as expected.
  9. Confirm that you have the same permissions assigned to your users.