How the United States gets new senators online, on-time

Every US Senator gets his own website on the domain. For a long time, millions of tax-payer dollars were spent on government contractors to build and maintain these senator websites.

Since 2019 the Senate started using Glazed Theme and Glazed Builder to handle all websites for new senators internally, from theme customization to content creation. 

How the United Nations creates stories without waiting on IT

On several projects the UN has chosen Glazed Builder and Glazed theme to make sure their commucations staff is able to design and write engaging content. Drupal is a popular choice for non-government organizations, but not every NGO is happy with the authoring experience. With Glazed Builder, you can keep your trusty and capable digital experience platform without compromising on authoring experience.

How Canada's educational broadcaster writes compelling stories on current affairs

As a publisher, your authoring experience is your lifeblood. As a large-scale Drupal user TVO understands this better than anyone. Thanks to Glazed Builder their writers are not impeded by fixed templates and static placement of media. 

With Glazed Builder, publishers can inline-edit your stories, while keeping Drupals' powerful workflow and multilingual features.

How EMA-EDA creates high-tech product pages without a hassle

Leading tech companies earned their lead by being the fastest innovators. But what good is innovation if your marketing and communications department is slowed down by an overworked IT department? EMA EDA gets new products and features out on their website the same day, not the next week, thanks to Glazed Builder.

Helping Mercyhurst University with hassle-free student information updates

Rapid website updates and fast course information updates is what Glazed Builder brings to higher education websites. You, as a marketer can create layouts, embed media, and webforms without any prior web design experience. You can do your job on your own, without help from overburdened IT support staff

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