What do you want to see in Drupal Themes in 2010

Lots of interesting stuff has happened to theming Drupal Theming in 2009. The emergence of various theme shops, a pack of new basethemes, and a big improvement in the overall quality of the themes.

Drupal themes are getting better and it looks like this is an ongoing process. Just a few years ago everyone complained that Drupal themes were boring and all looked the same… Joomla and Wordpress were thought to have much better designs available.

From the support emails I get from my premium themes product line I’ve heard from many clients that they’ve switched from Joomla to Drupal because they finally found a theme that matched their needs, so for some users the quality of themes can be a factor of paramount importance for their CMS choice.

The Drupal project is growing fast as well and there is an upward trend in popularity of distributions, how will this affect theming? Are themes modular and flexible enough to play nice with distributions, or do distributions just need dedicated themes?

2010 brings many changes and I wonder how the theming landscape will evolve. Already I see that themes are getting more and more complex, almost turning into theme engines by themselves. This is not necessarily a bad thing but where will it end, I guess the best thing to do is try and get all these new theme features in Drupal 8 core!

What do you think will happen, or need to happen for Drupal themes in 2010?