This comparison with Drupal Gutenberg was authored on March 8, 2024 using the latest version of Drupal Gutenberg.


What does DXPR do?

DXPR provides visual page-building and site-building solutions. DXPR Builder gives non-technical people the capability of creating layouts and media-rich pages without needing technical experience.

DXPR Theme is a separate product that let's site builder control the general look and feel of the website across all pages.

What does Drupal Gutenberg do?

Gutenberg is a visual content editor that can also be used to build pages visually. Gutenberg is built and maintained by WordPress and the Drupal module is an adaptation of this software.

Gutenberg does not come with a theme that lets you control the website's branding.

How does DXPR approach content editing?

DXPR focuses on unstructured content. You can build mobile-friendly pages with marketing elements and multi-media elements without losing sight of the page you're working on.

The user interface is modern and easy. While interacting with element settings you get a live view of what you are changing.

How does Drupal Gutenberg approach content editing?

Drupal Gutenberg has a similar approach to DXPR Builder and also focuses on unstructured content. However, Gutenberg provides only very basic layout tools with no control over mobile responsive design. Gutenberg is therefore not a page builder but a very capable content editor.


Plan comparison



  • No time limit
  • The editor can be used by 1 user account per website
  • To edit up to 20 content items with DXPR Builder

DXPR Standard

  • Starting at $25 USD per month including 1 user license
  • Additional users from $12.50 per month per user

DXPR Enterprise

  • Custom plans are available for Enterprise clients
  • Custom plans include volume discounts of up to 85% for user licenses

Drupal Gutenberg is free

  • Free to use and modify
  • Does not offer plans for commercial support



How does DXPR Builder integrate with Drupal?

  • Can be used on any entity type, like pages, users, or e-commerce entities
  • Multiple fields per content item supported
  • Drupal blocks and views are available as components
  • Configure blocks and views in the editor
  • Works with popular Drupal modules like Realtime SEO, Drupal Layout Builder, multilingual and workflow modules
  • Customize the editor UI per user role
  • Compatible with Drupal versions 7 through 10

How does Drupal Gutenberg integrate with Drupal?

  • Can be used with nodes (pages)
  • Drupal blocks and views are available as components
  • Editing block and view settings in the editor is currently not working due to software bugs
  • Does not work with the Realtime SEO module or integrate with Drupal Layout Builder
  • Compatible with Drupal 8 and 9

How does DXPR Builder create mobile-friendly layouts?

  • DXPR uses the open-source Bootstrap frontend framework
  • Users can set a custom breakpoint on column layouts, enable equal heights columns and vertical centering, and choose to mirror the row layout horizontally to harmonize content flow across smaller and larger devices

How does Drupal Gutenberg create mobile-friendly layouts?

  • It uses simple CSS for layouts without supporting multiple breakpoints.

What drag-and-drop components does DXPR offer?

  • Layout elements including tabs, collapsibles, sliders, and a container that allows free positioning of elements inside it
  • Content elements including text, image, video, and blockquote
  • Marketing elements including buttons, number counters, countdown timers, infographics, maps
  • HTML element for embed codes
  • Drupal blocks and Drupal views displays

What drag-and-drop components does Drupal Gutenberg offer?

  • Layout components including tabs, collapsibles, sliders, hero sections, and various card layouts
  • Content elements including text, image, video, and blockquote
  • Embed codes from numerous 3rd party services
  • Drupal blocks and views displays