Glazed 2.4.9 & Carbide 1.0.9: Dotting the i's updates

Firstly, the client dashboard got it's first major updates. Expect more in the near future. What changed:

  • Added several tabs with Dashboard downloads and documentation
  • Made standalone Glazed theme and Glazed Builder downloads easier to find
  • Added separate downloads for all the subthemes
  • Add documentation tab
  • Updated the support forum with some community features

This is just an appetizer for a lot of improvements to!

Glazed 2.4.9


Last month's upgrade was a big one. Today's update is just bugfixes and cosmetic updates. Some demo content in the Main Demos was modernized, removing pictures and branding from the old Glazed 2.3 days. The 3d button style got an update, it now looks more distinguished from the default Bootstrap button styling in Glazed.

The Glazed Main demo got a Funky new purple top bar. The old purple was just a little low energy, so it got replaced by a brighter, slightly funkier purple to match the Sky blue main color.

Glazed theme also got a few bug fixes for specific menu/header configurations. If you're using the sticky header mode you will want this update. 

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Glazed Builder 1.0.9


In Glazed Builder I improved the user experience with moving absolutely positioned elements in the positioned elements container. Working with absolutely positioned elements in web design is tricky. Even more so in the responsive, multi-device world of today. However that doens't mean we have to dumb down our builder to only support fixed grids. On the occassion that you want to spend some extra time to create unique eye-catching layouts, the positioned elements container is there. 

We also made some adjustments to other areas of the builder, including slides, toggles and tabs. We made the sidebar elements bar a bit wider... Updated the sidebar element contents and thumbnails to match the latest branding, and fixed some stubborn javascript errors that weren't completely resolved in 2.4.8.