DXPR Builder 3.0.0: Previewing the Future of No-Code Editing for Professional Content Teams

We're excited to announce the upcoming launch of DXPR Builder 3.0.0, expected around the turn of the year, marking a significant step towards the future of no-code editing for professional content teams. This release is not just an upgrade; it's a transformation that balances the needs of Drupal content editors-users with the strategic goals of large organizations.

Seamless Drual 10 Integration: CKEditor 5

For content marketers, DXPR Builder 3.0.0 brings a significant upgrade with the migration from CKEditor 4 to CKEditor 5. This enhancement ensures a more intuitive editing experience, allowing content teams to focus on creativity and efficiency.

Thanks to CKEditor 5's plugin architecture we can integrate the editor with Drupal, as well as with the Bootstrap 5 framework. For example, we're ensuring every table inserted with the text editor is a mobile-responsive Bootstrap table.

Mobile Editing: On-the-Go Flexibility

Previewing the future of mobile editing, DXPR Builder 3.0.0 transforms the way professional content teams work. This release will make it possible for the first time in Drupal to have a full-fledged mobile editing experience, offering unprecedented flexibility and on-the-go editing capabilities, enhancing the Drupal content management ecosystem.

Font Awesome 6: A Richer, Future-Proof Icon Set

Transitioning to Font Awesome 6, we're offering a richer set of icons, ensuring that your marketing materials stay fresh and relevant. This update, while keeping backward compatibility, reflects our commitment to providing tools that scale with your organizational needs.

Intuitive Content Management with Skeleton/Wireframe View

The new skeleton/wireframe view mode is designed to streamline the management of complex elements, catering to the needs of dynamic content teams in large organizations. This feature simplifies the reordering process, enhancing the overall efficiency of content creation.

It allows for easy re-ordering of elements that can currently be a bit harder to drag and drop, like large sections. This update will make it possible for the first time to re-order slides within carousels.

Backward Compatibility: A Smooth Transition

Understanding the importance of continuity, we ensure a smooth transition with backward compatibility for CKEditor 4 content and Font Awesome icons. This approach minimizes disruption, allowing your team to adapt without sacrificing productivity.

Thanks to CKEditor 5's recent updates in backward compatibility we expect a painless migration process we no need for database updates on your content.

Why DXPR Builder 3.0.0 is Ideal for Your Organization

DXPR Builder 3.0.0 is designed to align with the strategic objectives of large organizations. It offers scalability, enhances productivity, and ensures that your content marketing team has the most advanced tools at their disposal. The upgrade to DXPR Builder 3.0.0 is more than an improvement in technology; it's an investment in your organization's future.

Want to explore DXPR's no-code and low-code Drupal experience? Try our online demo or install our Drupal StarterKit which saves you hundreds of hours with a pre-configured DXPR Drupal set-up.

Stay Tuned: As we approach the release date, we are eager to unveil more features that align with our vision of the future of mobile editing for professional content teams. We're committed to empowering your organization with innovative tools that redefine digital storytelling and content creation.


DXPR Marketing Team