Do you miss too? Now there is Reddit /r/Drupal_Modules and /r/Drupal_Themes

Years ago there was It had instant search, module reviews and an always up to date feed with the newest Drupal modules. It was wonderful. I was subscribed to their RSS feed with the latest modules because I felt like I was ahead of the curve for knowing all the latest contrib additions for Drupal, I learned about a lot of useful little (and big) modules that way.

Now is no more, there is just a ghost of a website. Ironically one of it's latest news articles headlines "Where did we go for 5 days". That was almost 5 years ago. In the meanwhile the Drupal Reddit community has grown to 6000 subscribers. I frequently visit /r/Drupal, it's a great resource for industry news. It is however not a replacement for

Presenting /r/Drupal_modules and /r/Drupal_Themes

That's why I created /r/Drupal_modules and /r/Drupal_Themes. I was playing with the idea for a while already, and then on /r/Drupal I saw I was not the only one looking for a feed with new Drupal modules. I went ahead and developed a python script to scrape newly added modules and themes from and post them to  /r/Drupal_modules and /r/Drupal_Themes. Oh and there is also /r/Drupal_Distributions, almost forgot about that. Interestingly, I now see that very recently there is more new projects in the Distributions feed then in the themes feed.

The idea is that these subreddits are used only to list Drupal projects. I set this up about a month ago to just see if the system works OK so far it looks good. Now I want to invite everyone to use the comments for module/theme reviews, use upvotes and downvotes to rate your favorite projects, and last but not least: submit links to new projects that are not on As we don't currently have a central respository of Drupal modules that are hosted on github and elsewhere, we can make it happen on reddit.

And a last note: I didn't scrape all existing projects on I think a lot of d.o. projects are not maintained anymore, possibly made obsolete by newer modules, and there are just too many to scrape without having to worry about performance and politeness. Feel free to submit any modules you think are useful to have in the subreddit listings.