Because DXPR runs an update server the process for finding and installing updates is the same as that for modules from If there is an update available to one or more of the DXPR premium products, those updates will show up in the list of available updates at Reports > Available Updates on your site (or in your Pantheon dashboard if you're using Pantheon hosting).

We recommend you run all updates in a test or development environment initially, and check thoroughly that everything is as it should be before updating any live site.

If you have Drush available on your website you can use drush up as a shortcut for the following steps.
For routine updates follow these steps:

  1. Backup your site (database and file system). We recommend using the Backup and Migrate module.
  2. Browse to Reports > Available Updates > Update and select the items to upgrade and 'Download these updates'.
  3. Once the updates have been downloaded, select 'Perform updates in site maintenance mode' and click continue. 
  4. Drupal will go through the process of installing the updated modules and (if necessary) prompt you to carry out any database updates. Once the updates have completed, your site will be taken out of maintenance mode.
  5. Verify that your site still looks and works as expected. Check all your important pages, not just your homepage.
  6. Repeat the steps on your production website.

DXPR theme note: It's recommended to go to the DXPR theme settings form to review and then save the settings so that any new settings are working as expected. 

Pantheon note: If you use Pantheon hosting you should review the Pantheon documentation Update Modules through Drupal  to understand any additional steps needed in that environment.