Installing a DXPR Demo with an installation profile is just as easy as installing Drupal itself, and in fact the process is the same.

1. Setting Up 

Once your account has been made in the shared hosting you are ready to setup your website! Go to the Downloads page on DXPR and download the a Demo Installation Profile for either Drupal 7 or Drupal 8. The version of Drupal depends on your preference. For Drupal 8 ensure that the webserver has a PHP version of 5.5.9 and higher.

2. Upload the DXPR Demo File

  1. Go to the cPanel dashboard of your webserver

  2. Click on File Manager

  3. Click on the public_html folder

  4. Click on + Folder to create a folder for the demo profile 

    1. Fill in the Folder Name 

    2. Click on Create New Folder

    3. Go to the folder you created

    4. Click on Upload 

  5. Make sure your folder is empty

  6. Select the DXPR Demo zip file

  7. Click on Go back to folder

  8. Click on the .zip file and Extract the file

  9. Click on the .zip file and click on Delete 

3. Create Database 

  1. Return to the cPanel

  2. Go to the Database section

  3. Click on MySQL Database Wizard

  4. Create a Database for example mysite_DATABASENAME

  5. Click on Database User to create User 

  6. Select the Privileges of User for example select All Privileges for the admin

  7. Click on Save User 

4. Install DXPR Profile

*For A2hosting this will be: but this can be different for every domain, so make sure you have the correct URL. 

  1. Enter the domain name or temporary URL* of your hosting provider in a new browser tab

  2. Follow the Instructions on the installation profile 

  3. Fill in the Database Name, Database Username and Password you created

  4. On the Requirement View you might have a few alerts, follow the steps given to resolve these

  5. Select the themes you will be using in the Themes tab  

  6. Complete the download process

  7. Once the download process is completed you now have your DXPR profile!

At the last step "Select Demo Content" our installation profile will have tested your server settings to predict if it can handle all the demo content. Please read the report on this page carefully and unselect the demo content if you have prolems here previously.