Creating a subtheme is the way to go if you need more advanced custom styling and templating for your DXPR Drupal websites! It's as easy as subtheming any other theme, follow these easy steps!

Copy the Starterkit and rename files

    1. In the directory which contains your websites files find folders containing your theme
    2. In drupal 7 it is /profiles/cms/themes  or /sites/all/themes
    3. Copy folder dxpr_theme_STARTERKIT into the themes folder and rename your theme. For example dxpr_theme_mytheme
    4. The proper location for the sub-theme is site/all/themes in Drupal 7 
    5. Rename and set up theme information
    6. Rename to the same name of your theme, for example
    7. Open the file with a text editor and enter a title and description of your theme
    8. Color picking settings of your sub-theme won’t work until the functions in template.php are renamed the same as your theme.
    9. Open template.php file and rename the following lines:
    10. dxpr_theme_STARTERKIT_proccess_html to dxpr_theme_mytheme_proccess_html
    11. dxpr_theme_STARTERKIT_proccess_page to dxpr_theme_mytheme_proccess_page

    Upgrading DXPR theme versions

    1. Upgrading the DXPR theme base theme will automatically make your subtheme inherit the new theme settings and features. 
    2. Using Drupals color module requires extra steps:
    3. Update DXPR theme
    4. Copy the new dxpr_theme/css/dxpr_theme.css to your subtheme’s css folder 
    5. Copy new dxpr_theme/color/folder  to your subtheme (in case new colors are added) 
    6. Save the theme settings at admin/appearance/settings/dxpr_theme_mytheme