Follow the steps below to add custom button styles in your website:

  1. If you do not have a custom module you can do this by creating a new folder and naming it what you want e.g. example_module

  2. The folder will then be placed into the directory modules/example_module

  3. Then two files will be made using a code editor:


    2. example_module.module

  4. Open your example_module.module file and add directory with buttons styles using the formatting in the function below. In the below example code replace example_module with the name of your module. 

  5. /**
     * Implements hook_dxpr_builder_buttons_folders().
    function example_module_dxpr_builder_buttons_folders(&$glazed_buttons_folders) {
      $glazed_buttons_folders[] = dirname(__FILE__) . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . 'glazed_elements/Buttons';
  6. Create folder in your example_module, where buttons styles will be stored e.g. glazed_elements/Buttons
  7. Create .html file with name of your button style. For example: button-glazed.html
  8. In html file create link with class 'btn'

    <a target="_self" class="btn btn-lg btn-glazed stpe-3dbutton az-editable" type="button" href="your_url_address">Learn more</a>
  9. Add classes for your button to style it later.
  10. Make sure to clear all Drupal caches after updating your theme’s info file. This can be done by pressing on Configuration in the toolbar at the top. Scroll down and look for Performance. When you are on the performance page the option to clear all caches will be there.